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Medical Providers

Do you need a therapist in your health care team, but don’t want to hire one of your own?

Therapy in Your Home – OT, PT, ST can help fill the needs of many medical providers who would like to have therapy as part of their team, but do not have the resources to hire, train and supervise their own therapists, especially over a large geographic area. We can provide therapist on call or on a regular schedule, periodic or continuous.

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All services are dependent on having the right therapist for your situation. We do not have an unlimited number of therapists and we do not assign an available therapist just because they are available. Instead we hand pick the therapist and don’t accept a client unless the therapist is ready.

We are not a registry. There are registries available our geographical area area.

Physicians and Case Managers

Do you need a therapist:

  • Who will go to where your client lives?
  • Who can continue when Home Health discharges?

Therapy In Your Home – OT, PT, ST may be your answer:  Out-Patient Therapy at Home !!!

  • First consider a Home Health Agency (to utilize Medicare part A).
  • THEN: Call us if you need more than what they can provide:
    • We provide individualized therapy. We can continue after the home health agency discharges, or if they don’t qualify for Home Health.
    • We can provide Out-patient therapy in the home and bill Medicare part B or insurance, or private pay
    • We have low rates for people without insurance
    • We can provide Out-patient therapy in the home for the SPOUSE.
    • We have resources and answers – call us!

We focus on what matters – enjoyment of life, overcoming the rough spots and adapt well to changes.

  • We go to the home, skilled nursing facilities, board and care homes and assisted livings.
  • Most clients graduate in 3-8 sessions; many request our therapists on an ongoing basis.
  • We can be “On Call,” to assist with changes and questions as needed, so we have a high rate of repeat customers.
  • The client is in charge of the schedule and frequency.
  • You can’t put a price on a person’s independence and wellbeing. We bring confidence, satisfaction, pride and enjoyment. Our rates compare to some private outpatient therapy clinics – and “We come to you”!

We will help determine if the therapy can be covered by Medicare or insurance and then we do the billing, we help attain specialized equipment, home modifications and other home service providers: we have a wide range of resources available for you and your clients.

We have therapists from San Francisco to Santa Cruz and beyond


Therapy In Your Home provides one time therapy visits (or more) at your request to address

  • patient comfort through movement and positioning
  • safety instruction, with anticipation of the impact of changes in condition
  • instruction regarding mobility, including mechanical lift training
  • appropriate exercises for the condition
  • swallowing assessments and diet modification recommendation

Our therapists are trained in end of life issues and needs, especially anticipating changes in function and helping families feel confident.

We communicate immediately after the visit with the agency or RN.

Workers’ Compensation:

Therapy In Your Home provides in home functional assessments and reports to advise about what might help safety and function in the home, including what adaptive equipment or DME might be needed in the home.

We are also contractd with most Workers’ Compensation intermediaries to provide therapy at the client’s home.

PACE programs:

Therapy In Your Home is contracted to provide therapists as needed at specific sites.

Home Health Agencies:

We tend NOT to provide therapists to HHA because of the reimbursement and documentation. But give us a call, lets see what we can work out.


Therapy In Your Home provides therapy for specific children who would not have a therapist otherwise through the schools program. And we provide therapy in the home for those children where it is more appropriate to have the service at home.

Regional Centers:

Therapy In Your Home has and may currently be contracted with your regional center.  Please call for information.